1) The regaining of something lost or taken away.

2) Restoration or return to any former and better condition; especially to health from sickness, illness, addiction, etc.

My name is Jason and I am a recovered alcoholic. I have been completely sober from alcohol and all mood altering substances since April 20th, 2012. I say this with no hesitation, but instead with humble honesty and truth. The acknowledgement of this disease and being convinced of the nature of this illness and that I have this thing is what began the remarkable journey to sobriety and ultimately freedom! Let us define freedom.


1) The quality or state of being free or at liberty rather than in enslavement, isolation or restraint caused by the power of anything or anybody.

2) Being released from something onerous, oppressive.

3) The state of being free; personal freedom: such as the power and ability to move or act freely.

I am so thankful to be alive and to be living as an honest, hard working and productive member of society. I nearly lost my life to the disease of alcoholism. Now that I am rooted in a quality design for living and have the strength and power to see and dream clearly, the inspiration has come to take my courage, experience, strength and hope out on the open road! I have a dream to ride a motorcycle in a one mile at a time approach from my home state of Washington through all of the Americas! One of the primary purposes of this trip is to carry and live a message of hope and recovery to those who still suffer. It is also my hope to be an example and carry a message of work hard, dream big, help others and experience life with a new vitality and a new freedom to those who have recovered and any and all persons interested in regaining something that has been lost or taken away from them.  I am truly honored to have the courage to simply try and take this Inspired Journey and I hope we can all find value in the strength of the human heart and spirit!

The Recovery Blog will focus on the spiritual nature and interactions of the Journey with the natural and human world. I hope to be a spirit of the universe seeking missile!! I will be camping and living outdoors which does wonders for the spirit and I will be visiting many institutions, places of recovery and societies of people who are focused on waking up to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience despite the fact that our egos have many convinced otherwise, separated from...........well, we all have our own list.  We have all had experiences and trauma that have harmed us and minds with old ideas that keep our perspectives tainted and us separated from seeing the world and experiencing our lives with loving clarity. Hopefully we can work on this together! The power of "We" is simply that "You are so much and I am so much but together WE are so much more"! 

With Love,