1) To go along with as a companion.

2) To watch the movements, progress, or course of.

3) To watch the development of or keep up with. 

Technology is amazing these days! Not long ago we did not even have cell phones or the internet and now..............WOW! I will be using a DeLorme In Reach tracking device on my trip so people can follow along and live vicariously through this fantastic technology. It also serves as an SOS device for me should I need help. 

Three tips on how to use map page:

1) There is a small arrow in the middle of the map on the left hand side(middle right side of filter box) that closes the filter box on the left side of the screen so that the map expands to cover the whole page for nicer viewing.

2) At the top left hand of the map there are three buttons that are labeled Topo, Aerial and Road. Click on these to change the type of map you prefer to use. The aerial view is like google earth! You can use topo and road imaging to learn about actual route numbers and info for trip planning.

3) If you click on the actual blue dot and then click more at the bottom of the box it will give you some more data. Time, speed, elevation, etc.

Enjoy and thanks for following along!!!

Heres The Link: