1. Breathed in; inhaled.

2. Touched or animated by, or as by, a supernatural influence.

3. Communicated or given as by supernatural or divine inspiration.

4. Moved to a higher level of thought, creativity or motivation!!!

InspiredJourney.Life is an experience we can share together as fellow humans to light us up from inside ourselves to follow our dreams!

A year and a half ago I became inspired to try and take a solo motorcycle journey that would take me to the far reaches of all of the Americas! If the whole journey comes to pass I hope to touch the tip of South America, the top of Alaska, the eastern reaches of Canada and as many places in between as possible.  I have been working harder than I ever have in my life to make this opportunity possible and the time has arrived to hit the road!! I have a departure date of July 16th or 17th 2016. I am first headed out on a 2012 Suzuki V-strom Dl 1000 for a 5 week tour of Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Washington. Then come back home to White Salmon, WA. and switch motorcycles for the big adventure to the tip of South America. I hope to ride as much dirt and off the beaten path type roads as possible for this 9 month expedition.  I will be riding a 2009 KTM 690 Enduro R that has been fully adventurized!! The plan is to ride to the Canadian/Idaho border and utilize the Idaho, Utah and Arizona BackCountry Discovery Routes to travel on mostly dirt roads across North America to the Mexico Border. I will stop in Tucson to recover and do Motorcycle maintenance before crossing the border and heading for Ushuaia Argentina. When I get to the tip of South America I hope to continue up the west coast back to Peru and Ecuador. How's all this sounding to you? Ha! I giggle as I write this because it is all a theory. I will be seeking, creating, riding and participating in this whole Inspired Journey with a "one day at a time" and "one mile at a time" approach! Okay,  Let's continue............ Depending on how everything is going I envision putting my bike on a boat at this point, shipping it home from South America while I fly back to Washington to get back on the Suzuki V-Strom and continue on to the top of Alaska, Prudhoe Bay. Then Continue east across Canada to Newfoundland where I will be as far east as one can go in North america. Then cross back into the USA and carry on south for a New England Fall tour of Appalachia. Following the warmer weather to the deep south and back across america to the west coast for a final tour along the mighty pacific to finally end up back in White Salmon. This is a vague plan and the only guarantee is challenge and change but I am Inspired and Grateful to be alive and so Let's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pic kept arriving in my mind when i was thinking of the inspiration page. The moment here is of my good friend Shane flying through one of the many corners on a 1,ooo mile Oregon moto ride. The best part is his father was on the ride with us and this is his shot and photoshop work. Does this shot inspire you?